Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Peregrine Falcon Update: 24-April-2006

Central Park South: Peregrine Falcons

PF-GM_36x47-w130p_a.jpg PF-GM_36x47-w130p_b.jpg PF-GM_36x47-w130p_c.jpg

Taking pictures of distant hawks & falcons with the Lumix FZ30 is like throwing an eight million pixel net their way.

Each of the above images are 36 pixels wide by 47 pixels tall. They were ‘blown-up’ to 130 pixels wide to display them side-by-side. All images have a 35mm equivalent focal length of 420mm.

These were taken tonight while monitoring the activity around a possible nest site on the G.M. Building.

The left image is the furthest from the camera but appears larger than the other two. This is the female Peregrine Falcon.

The center & right images are of the same falcon in two different positions. Both are similar in size & smaller than the other one. This is the male.

Tonight the Peregrines were seen separately between 5:55pm & 7:15pm.

The female was perched on the north face of the G.M. as I entered the park. Before she disappeared around 6:25pm she was perched just above the potential nest site.

After 6:25pm the male was seen flying from the ‘nest site’ to the fencing below the G.M.'s roof where he remained until 6:30pm. He then flew to the north-west corner of the G.M.'s roof.

At 7:15pm the male took off, flew east & then disappeared behind the G.M. Building. We didn't see him return.

Thanks Bruce & Lincoln for stopping by to observe the falcons.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Thanks to your help via email (last year) I spotted one of the Pergrines flying off the GM building last weekend. It was a thrill!

Hopefully they are nesting up there.

Yojimbot said...

I spotted both falcons on the railing at top of building today. The problem was that the window washers were descending over the side near where their nest maybe. I watched as the male peregrine circled above their rig and then landed on the railing, obviously guarding the nest. He was very anxious and was soon joined by the female. After that, they both flew off to the southeast. If this nest has a chance of succeding Ben, then the management of the GM building (Vornado, I think) has got to show some sensitivity. I'll post my pix tonight when I get home. http://yojimbot.blogspot.com

PS Im fairly certain they had successful fledglings last yr.

Ben C. said...


Glad to hear you got to see the Peregrines at the south end of Central Park.

Hope to see you around the The Pond someday.

Ben C. said...


Thanks for the details! I look forward the photographs assuming you will be posting them on your blog.

Thanks for the tip on the window washers. I'll pass this information along.