Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Earliest Peregrine Falcon Nest in N.Y.C.?


Image above taken on 24-Apr-2006 — Peregrine Falcon perched near possible new nest site on G.M. Building's north face.

The following article on Peregrine Falcons (see box below) points out that the "first known nesting in New York City occurred in 1943 when a pair successfully hatched three young on a coping of the St. Regis Hotel".

‘Behavior of Peregrine Falcons in the New York City Region
by Richard A. Herbert & Kathleen Green Skelton Herbert
SORA: The Auk, volume 82 — Jan/1965, pp. 62-94

Below is an image I took tonight of the site mentioned in the article. The St. Regis Hotel is on 5th Avenue and 55th St. on Manhattan.

Click image for view of the hotel.

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Yojimbot said...

Cool link to the St. Regis...I guess in 1943 this was one of the tallest buildings in the area. But one thing Im sure is still the same--copious pidgeons drawn to the spilled feed from the hansons. One thing in turn leads to another!