Friday, May 05, 2006

Peregrine Falcon Update: 4-May-2006

Central Park South: Peregrine Falcons

PF-GM_MaleExit1_20060504.jpg PF-GM_MaleExit2_20060504.jpg
Peregrine Falcon (Male Exiting Nest Site)
Central Park South — G.M. Building

Donna Browne was present tonight to help observe the Peregrines on the G.M. Building. It was another night of falcon activity from start to finish. Her play by play while the male was exiting the nest helped tremendously in getting the above images. A link to Donna's blog appears at end of this post.

Highlights: there was a nest exchange at 7:37p (see images above for exiting male) & the location of the roosting male was found well after the end of Civil Twilight (8:30p).

Central Park's Gapstow Bridge
6:00p — 8:40p

• When I arrived a Peregrine was perched on a fence on GM's north face, right section, 7 in from W edge.
• By 6:25p the falcon lost its balance & dropped to floor, then hopped back onto the fence, then flew to the roof of the 9W 57th St. building. While taking notes I didn't see where she disappeared to after landing on the 9W building.
• By 6:35p the female was already on a fence on GM's north face, right section, 3 in from W edge until 7:35p.
• By 7:35p female moved to the fence above the nest site.
• Nest exchange: By 7:37p female drops to floor. Shortly after the male appears at base of fence exchanging places with the female (see images).
• Male perches on fence on GM's north face, left section, 5 in from E edge until 8:23p.
• By 8:23p male leaves the GM Building perch. A few minutes later he's seen perched on the east corner of the window ledge on 9W 57th St.
• We left the park at 8:40p with male still perched on 9W 57th St.

• Donna's weblog: ‘palemaleirregulars

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