Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Peregrine Falcon Update: 22-May-2006

Central Park South: Peregrine Falcons


Tonight was a bit more active compared to last night. There were three passes by a lone Peregrine Falcon over the 2.5 hours of observing from Gapstow Bridge. No activity was witnessed around the nest site on the north face of the G.M. Building. One sighting was of a Peregrine handling prey. No gender was determined for any of the flybys.

Central Park's Gapstow Bridge
5:50p — 8:20p

Highlights: no activity around the nest.

• By 6:01p a Peregrine flew in from the W over the I.B.M. Building. I lost it as it headed E behind the G.M. Building.
• By 6:29p a Peregrine, possibly the male, was seen flying low over the SE corner of the park heading NE. It disappeared behind trees & was carrying prey.
• By 6:47p a Peregrine was seen over 650 Madison Ave. (green glass building N of G.M.) heading N along the E side of the park. It spotted something & dove on it just E of the Dairy. The Peregrine did not reappear.

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