Thursday, May 18, 2006

Peregrine Falcon Update: 17-May-2006

Central Park South: Peregrine Falcons


Tonight (Wed., 17-May) a few people stopped by to view the Peregrines. A birder asked what I was up to & stuck around for few minutes excited to see if a Peregrine would show up.

Luke just happened to be there for the most active time of the evening. The male arrived perching on various spots on the G.M. Building. Soon the female left the nest site to meet the male for a in-flight prey transfer. We then watched the male head to the nest to drop in taking over incubation duties. The female headed south with the meal.

Later on his friend David stopped by. Also David & Debbie stopped by & then Donna arrived with a spotting scope. D., D.& D. & D. got to see one of the pair since there were no more nest exchanges for the evening. Something I thought was a guarantee.

Central Park's Gapstow Bridge
6:00p — 9:00p

Highlights: 5 non-avian visitors, 1 mid-air prey transfer, 1 nest exchange & an almost nest exchange where the female remained perched on the nest fence until it got too late to see her in the scope.

• At 6:01p spotted the tiercel on GM's roof, center section, west edge. I just scanned the area, saw nothing then spotted him on a favorite perch. Lost the male around 6:14p.
• By 6:49p male perched on a fence on GM's N face, 6 in from W, right section. Almost immediately he left the perch landing on roof of GM's N face, center section, E edge. The female emerged from the nest site & met him in mid-air for a prey transfer. Female headed E then S around GM. Male then perched on fence above nest & quickly dropped down to the nest.
• By 6:55p female arrived from the S to perch on GM's N face, center section, on a fence 8 in from the W.
• By 7:45p female off perch flying low towards E & around GM towards the S.
• By 8:25p female to the fence above the nest. She remained there until it became too dark to see her in the binoculars. Then we couldn't see her in the scope. Last time she was seen in the darkness was 8:53p — close to 15 minutes after Civil Twilight.

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Tag said...

Hi Ben,

Have you heard back from the "official" you cantacted concerning this nest? Someone is to check in on the Peregrines and let you whether this is an actual nest and the state of affairs up there?

Thanks for the reports. I've been reading with interest. And I want to see a prey transfer again so I may show up one of these days while they're consistent.

c'ya soon. peter

Ben C. said...


I have heard back from the DEP within the past week saying they would setup a time for a site visit. When he writes again I'll let you know the details.

Hope to see you around soon.


P.S. - I was out there tonight in the downpour checking to see what the Peregrines would be doing during a storm.

Tag said...

Hi Ben,
I'm interested to hear what the actual situation is on the roof. Could be a treat if the DEP allowed you to tag along :^D

I stopped by last night - after the rain - around 8:00pm. No one was there at the vieiwing spot nor any falcons observed. I did notice the lighting installed on the roof of the buildings western face. Also, when looking across the Pond, one can see the new Apple building lighted Apple reflected on the building through the trees. Another New York light source and this one will be 24x7x365 guarenteed.

I did see the Great Egret perched on his tree limb and the Geese with 6 goslings. They are growing quickly! No sign of the heron. The heron and egret are of the same genus?

c'ya peter

Yojimbot said...

Hey Ben,

I've been going over my photos of years past of the gm pfs. I will do a post of a history of these on my site over the next few days. I'm also sure you've seen the email from BY. Let me know if you'd like to get together.

Ben C. said...


We just missed each other last night. I left the park around 7:45p at the 6th Ave. exit.


Yes, photos seen. I look forward to your posting with the PF history at the GM. I've been watching pair(s) on this territory since 1996. I would like to see if there is a chance to see if it's possible to ID individuals to see how many PFs have been in the area.