Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peregrine Falcon Update: 11-May-2006

Central Park South: Peregrine Falcons

Just before 7pm I entered the park from the south-east corner. Looking up I spotted a Peregrine perched on a fence below the roof on the G.M. Building's north face.

I couldn't tell its gender & tried to get to a better observing spot before it moved. The Peregrine was in position to drop to the level of the nest.

Before I made it to a viewing spot near Gapstow Bridge the falcon disappeared. Luckily Donna was there mentioning that it was the female on the fence & she just dropped to the nest. The male exited the site from a different location. This is the first time this has been witnessed.

The male falcon returned 40 minutes after leaving the nest and flew around the buildings south & east of the park. I spotted him flying south as far as the I.B.M. Building which is between 57th & 56th St. off Madison Ave.

He continued flying around at the height of the nest & higher for approximately 5 minutes. This was around 7:45p or 15 minutes before sunset.

The skies were completely overcast & the wind was blowing in from the east.

The male was not seen again for the night & he didn't choose to roost within sight of the bridge.

The Canada Goose goslings now number six.

Central Park's Gapstow Bridge
6:55p — 8:35p

Highlights: just missed a nest exchange & saw the male Peregrine fly around the territory for close to 5 minutes.

• While entering at Central Park's SE corner around 6:55p I spotted a falcon perched on a fence on the G.M.'s north face, right section, 5 in from the W.
• As I approached Gapstow Bridge around 7:01p the falcon was no longer there.
• Donna was observing & mentioned that the female was perched. The falcon had just dropped to the nest level & the male exited from a new location 7 in from the W edge of the building's right section.
• By 7:38p he was seen flying in from the S and stayed in the area of the eyrie flying N & S of the G.M. Building until 7:43p when it disappeared behind the G.M. It was seen as far S as S of the I.B.M. Building on 57th/56th St & Madison Ave.
• Since the female was on the nest we didn't expect to see the male again but hung around to see if he choose a roost within sight of Gapstow Bridge. The male falcon wasn't spotted by the time we left the park around 8:35p.

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