Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Peregrine Falcon Update: 16-May-2006

Central Park South: Peregrine Falcons


Tonight (Tue., 17-May) the male of the pair was perched on the roofs of the G.M. Building (GM) & the 9 West 57th St. building (9W). No nest exchanges occurred. Just to clarify — a nest exchange is when one of the pair takes over the incubation duties from the other.

Something of concern is happening near the nest site. Two banks of flood lights are being installed on the GM's roof around the corner from the Peregrine's nest. These are pointing down. I'm assuming this is for the new Apple Computer retail store opening up this Friday in front of the GM.

The lights overhang the roof's west face. The nest is on its north face. Hopefully this is a temporary situation & won't interfere with the nesting progress of this protected species. See images below.


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Central Park's Gapstow Bridge
6:08p — 8:25p

Highlights: only the male was seen & a huge bank of lights were just installed on the GM's roof on its west edge.

• Upon arriving the tiercel (male) was on the N face of the 9W roof near its E edge. Two men were on the roof of the GM installing two banks of flood lights. The tiercel did not dive on the workers while I had him in view.
• By 6:14p the tiercel moved a bit onto the E edge of 9W facing W.
• By 6:16p the male headed W just shy of the Trump Parc building then proceeded to fly E just S & between the Park Lane hotel & 9W. I lost it behind 9W as it flew E.
• By 6:36p it flew to the roof of the GM's N face, center section, W corner. People are still on the roof working with the lights. No reaction from the male.
• By 7:08p the male is off the GM heading towards the W, low & behind 9W.
• By 7:12p I spotted a small falcon moving E along the N face of the GM. No falcons were seen after this. I left the site at 8:25p.

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