Saturday, November 18, 2006

Missing NavBar: Blogger Beta 18-Nov


Above is what I sometimes see when I'm in preview mode.

Here is what I see on my computer screen when I bring up any of my blogs. The navigation bar is clearly missing. Only sometimes does it show up when I'm in preview mode.

Here is an print screen of the Page Elements showing how the NavBar is clearly shorter than the width of the 3 sections below it i.e. left sidebar, body posts & right sidebar. I'm not sure how to resolve this within the Blogger Beta layout template.


Tag said...

is it just your blog that the navbar is absent or all blogspot addresses?

another troubleshooting technique, perhaps to determine culprit, is create a new blog and see if you can duplicate the problem.

Ben C. said...

Peter / all,

Thanks for the tips.

I checked out your blog, davep's, Charlie's & Space Tramp's and all looks well with those.

I did get the navbar to show briefly when I clicked on the time at the bottom of the post. This lets you see the comments along with the post.

This consistently worked after playing with the 'expandable post' settings. This is where the 'Click for more ...' appears at the bottom of the post.

The way beta handles expandable posts is different than the non beta version and I have a mixed bag of posts with the old and the new way in them.

This might be the culprit.

Thanks again for the tips!