Monday, August 06, 2007

Park Ave. Peregrine Falcons: 6 August 2007

It was good to finally see a Peregrine Falcon tonight on its Park Ave. territory — north of the Met Life building. My last sighting was June 21st when a Peregrine was seen circling over Park Ave. with prey. It landed on 350 Park Ave. to eat the meal.

Tonight I walked up Park Ave. to Border's Books which has been my usual beat since the Peregrines set up shop over Park Ave. this summer.

On top of 375 Park Ave, between 52nd and 53rd St., I thought one of the verticals on the west face of the building was not quite right. Not long after this it moved revealing the location of a bird. Shortly after this a Peregrine Falcon took off south, in a counter clockwise semicircle, disappearing behind 375 Park Ave.

As I was writing down notes on the 1st sighting a Peregrine appeared high above the streets between 52nd and 53rd St. landing on the north face of 345 Park Ave. between 51st and 52nd St. It alit in a niche just below the roof.

This all took place between 6:30p-6:40p.