Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Adult Red-tailed Hawk in Pale Male's Space

Adult Red-tailed Hawk
(Click image for a larger view)

Tonight this adult Red-tailed Hawk was spotted near the north edge of Pale Male's territory. The hawk has a red tail. It was just inside the 85th St. & 5th Ave. entrance. Blue Jays and Robins were making a racket.

It was fairly dark at the time of the photo — 18-Jul-2007 5:53pm EST, 1/25 sec @ f/3.7, ISO 400 (hand held & image stabilized). A tripod would have come in handy.

This hawk looks very similar to a hawk I photographed on 13-August-2006 on the west side of the tennis courts north of the reservoir in Central Park.

It resembles Pale Male superficially. The major differences are:

• chest color — Pale Male lacks this hawk's rufous tones
• belly-band — Pale Male's is less prominent & not as dense
• Pale Male's throat has significantly more contrast with the face

Take a look at this remarkable photo of Pale Male in flight from Lincoln Karim's site for comparison.

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NiteSkyGirl said...

I'm in eastern canada and we see these around the
quarry down the street from me and our dogs sure
watch them when they are around. Looks exactly like the hawks in this post. They hang around the quarry in packs of 7 - 39 . We counted 39 so far. specially seen on beautiful summer to fall days.