Sunday, April 08, 2007

Park Ave. Peregrine Falcons: 7 April 2007

PF_ParkAve_w0201p(20070407a).jpg PF_ParkAve_w0201p(20070407b).jpg
♀ on 280 Park Ave.
7-Apr 5:25pm

photo by B. Cacace
420mm | ISO: 80 | Shutter: 1/400s | Aperture: f/6.3
Above Park Ave.
7-Apr 5:28pm

photo by B. Cacace
420mm | ISO: 80 | Shutter: 1/640s | Aperture: f/5.6

I decided to record the 3rd round of the Master's in order to check up on the Peregrine pair. It might be hard to tell but the highly processed uncompressed image above is my 1st flight shot of any kind.

Bruce Yolton of ‘Urban Hawks’ was already at the site with his camera. Soon we were watching an already perched falcon at the base of the ‘flag’ on the ‘Mutual of America Building’ (320 Park Ave.) This perch can be seen in the post from March 30th.

Bruce took a number of photos from 50th St. on the east side of Park Ave. The falcon was facing south the whole time and remained in the same position from 3:20pm - 4:05pm.

Bruce then headed off to Central Park. I went off to take care of some chores. As I was heading south I turned to look at falcon and noticed that it wasn't perched any longer. This was around 4:10pm.

On my way back I passed by 46th St. & Park Ave. around 5:15pm and spotted a falcon circling over Park Ave. The falcon then entered an opening at the top of a building's east face. This is probably the site of their nest.

The falcon exited the site followed by its mate. One falcon then landed on the roof of 280 Park Ave. Soon after the male circled then landed on the female for the 1st mating I've seen by this pair for the season. This is also the 1st time seeing a Peregrine perched on the roof of 280 Park Ave.

Shortly after mating the male falcon headed out and entered the east face of the probable nest site.

The female remained on the perch from 5:18pm leaving at 5:27pm. It returned to the area at 5:29pm and circled over Park Ave. then entered the ‘nest site’. One exited (not sure which), circled over the avenue and then headed towards the east.

I left the site at 5:30pm.


Jochen said...

A short reminder. don't forget a submission for I and the Bird #47 within the next few days to either Mike at 10000 birds or myself!

Cheers and good spring birding!

Ben C. said...


Thanks for stopping by and reminding me. I submitted 2 IatBs and both were accepted. I was hoping my next submission to IatB would be an 'original' since the traffic generated by IatB wasn't as much as I thought it would be and I chalked that up to the people visiting the site having already seen the previously published post.

I will think about a submission (either original or not) tonight.

Thanks again.