Friday, March 30, 2007

Park Ave. Peregrine Falcons: 29 March 2007

299 Park Ave.
(5:32pm EDT)
35mm film equiv.: 420mm | ISO: 80 | Shutter: 1/200s | Aperture: f/5.6

The evening session was cut short due to headache. Enough time was spent at the site to make it a worthwhile outing.

I stayed for an hour arriving at 5:13pm.

At 5:31pm, 18 minutes after arriving, a Peregrine was spotted moving south along Park Ave. to a perch on the northwest corner of 299 Park Ave. (‘UBS Building’).

While the 299 Park Ave. falcon was scanning the territory another Peregrine was seen flying north from a building's opening at 6:09pm. It headed for a favorite perch on 320 Park Ave. (‘Mutual of America Building’) on its south facing side.

While photographing the 320 Park Ave. falcon I spotted the 299 Park Ave. Peregrine heading north behind the 320 Park Ave. building. Even though I was looking west along 52nd St. I didn't see it flying north of 52nd St.

Shortly after the previously seen north bound falcon was heading south towards the opening of a building's east face. This opening is 5 from the south side.

I left the site with a falcon still perched on 320 Park Ave. at 6:15pm.