Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Park Ave. Peregrine Falcons : 28 March 2007

320 Park Ave.
(7:07pm EDT)
35mm film equiv.: 405mm | ISO: 80 | Shutter: 1/30 | Aperture: f/3.7

Activity was seen from 7:02pm-7:21pm.

I arrived at 7:00pm and spotted a Peregrine Falcon exiting an opening from a building's south face. It then headed west, then north, then perched on the south side of 320 Park Ave. (‘Mutual of America Building’). The photo on the right was taken at this time.

At 7:19pm a 2nd falcon was seen heading north just west of Park Ave. It continued north & disappeared from view between the ‘Sony Building’ (the ex-ITT Building) and the Four Seasons Hotel off Central Park South.

At 7:21pm the 320 Park Ave. falcon left its perch & circled a few times over Park Ave. It then headed west disappearing south behind the ‘Mutual of America Building’.

I left the site at 7:30pm. So far I've been able to view activity over Park Ave. every day I've visited the site. This is a better hit rate versus viewing Peregrines from the south end of Central Park.