Saturday, February 10, 2007

Film Featuring a Red-tailed Hawk (2006)

Paul Giamatti
‘The Hawk is Dying’
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I just came across this film starring Paul Giamatti (‘Sideways’, ‘Cinderella Man’, ‘Private Parts’ …) released in 2006 called The Hawk is Dying.

Here's the plot outline from IMDb: “A Gainesville Florida auto upholsterer (Giamatti) attempts to subvert his mundane life by training a wild, red-tailed hawk.”

From the IMDb biography of Paul Giamatti — “During the shooting of the upcoming The Hawk Is Dying (2006), which is mainly about his character and a Red-Tailed Hawk, he became a raptor-enthusiast.”

An interview at the A.V. Club features some questions on the movie. Towards the end of page 2 and the beginning of 3 are comments from Paul on the film. Here's one quote from the A.V. Club interview:

PG: I like that movie a lot. If anyone tells me they've seen it, I'm curious as to what they thought about it. People seemed to have a hard time with it at Sundance, so I was curious as to why. It's not that strange of a movie. It didn't feel like it was.

The Wikipedia article on the movie mentions that “The Hawk Is Dying is based on the book by Harry Crews.“

Here are some reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.