Saturday, February 17, 2007

Central Park Reservoir: 16-Feb-2007

American Coots (6)
Images by BEN CACACE
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Last night I made my first trip to the reservoir after work seeing that sunset is starting to fit in with quitting time.

I arrived at 5:26pm, roughly 5 minutes before sunset. I left the reservoir a few minutes before 6pm. I didn't know what shape the reservoir would be in but I wasn't too surprised that the ice coverage is close to 100%.


The only sizeable open water exists just south and east of the ‘fountain’ near the reservoir's south edge.

The waterfowl in this small open area has been filtered down to American Coots. These were the only ducks on the reservoir.

‘Birds of North America’ on-line says this about their flight:

“An extended period of Splattering along water’s surface required to become airborne …”

I wonder if this is the reason only coots remain.

Before leaving the reservoir a single White-throated Sparrow landed in a leafless bush. It called for a time while looking for a place to rest. It finally perched on the downwind side of a branch and appeared to have settled in for the night.

Before exiting the park at 81st St. & Central Park West a Red-tailed Hawk was seen roosting on the window frame of the Beresford Building's south-east tower. With westerly winds this appeared to be a very comfortable perch.