Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Asterism List for SALC 34N in Perseus

Below is a list of asterism names for SALC 34N. I've finished laying out the figures in the planetarium program Cartes du Ciel (CdC). An example, and a short write-up, for a few of the asterisms appears at the end of this post:

» See examples below table «

BromeliadOrange Slice
Single BoxMace
ι Per "Kite"Cubist Lady
Three BoxesThree Kings
Triangle ManRiver Styx
Sm. Witch's HatKeystone
TransformerGooseneck Lamp
Water JarNautilus
Greek Capital - ΣClog
κ Per "Ship"Home Plate & Triangle
Five DoublesPegasus
Lg Witch's HatSextant
Little DipperBowtie
Segmented Dog 

[ IMAGE] SALC 34N Asterism - ‘Bowtie’

[Click on the variable names for details from a previous post]

This is an image of the ‘Bowtie’ asterism which exists along the southern edge of SALC 34N. One of the variables I'm following, called Y Persei, is just right/south of the ‘knot’.

Also near the asterism is GK Persei AKA Nova Persei 1901 which became the brightest ‘new star’ since the two supernovae from nearly 300 years before Nova Persei 1901 appeared. The supernovae are refered to as Tycho's Star (1572) and Kepler's Star (1604).

The size of the asterism is ~1.5° x 0.75°. The limiting magnitude is 9.5.

[Image] SALC 34N Asterism - ‘Bromeliad’

The above link shows an asterism in SALC 34N I call ‘Bromeliad’. This is the first one created for this region and remains unchanged from the day it was created.

This flowering plant often collects water used to capture protein in the form of insects and other organic material. The flowers will make use of the nutrients in this debris.

The size of the asterism is ~2° x 1.5°. This one includes the brightest star in Perseus - Mirfak (α Persei) - and a portion of the Perseus OB3 Association. West is up and north is to the left. The limiting magnitude is 9.5.

The water level and the doomed fly are both represented in this figure.


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