Sunday, April 13, 2008

Upper East Side: Kestrels Mating 12-Apr-2008

American Kestrels
Images by BEN CACACE

The image above is an animation of 22 stills taken on Saturday 12-April-2008 from 6:03:20 — 6:03:32 EDST.

The pair has appeared in the area for the current breeding season. The nest location has not been found yet. As far as I know this area has not hosted a kestrel pair for at least the past 11 years since I've been living here.

Here's a map of various perches used by the kestrels. The location of the antenna in the above image is #1 on the map.

The animation is set to run twice since reloading (Ctrl+R) the web page doesn't always work.


Yojimbot said...

Nice work!

Ben C. said...

Thanks! Here's a link to an uncompressed version of the event which is about 4 times the size of the one on the blog:

Animated GIF 931x700p versus 409x308p on the blog.