Sunday, January 21, 2007

Great Kills Park, Staten Island 20-Jan-2007

Google Maps JavaScript API

Feel free to leave a comment. It would be good to know if this does or doesn't work on your browser.

The map above makes use of the Google Map Javascript API.

The marker descriptions relate to a recent outing to Staten Island's Great Kills Park on Saturday, January 20th. The experience was completely unexpected. I didn't realize there was a place like this so accessible from Manhattan. Needless to say it was good day!

Here's a link to the original report submitted to eBirds NYC. Public transportation was used to get to the site. We took the Staten Island Ferry to the S78 bus from ramp ‘D’.

  • The zoom feature (+/-) works and the map is draggable.
  • The choice between street ‘map’, ‘satellite’ view & ‘hybrid’ of satellite with street overlay is active.
  • Click on markers for descriptions. To clear the box click on the map or click on another marker.
  • Double click on map to center location.



Rob J. said...


Great use of the technology. Birding will never be the same.


Ben C. said...


Thanks for stopping by and the feedback is appreciated.

Unfortunately the learning curve for using Javascript API was steeper than I would've liked. I spent the morning figuring out how to incorporate this onto a blogger post.

It's good to hear the results are useful.

Hopefully a feature like this will not be used for roosting owls and nesting birds.

Glad to see you are now able to 'relax' after such hectic and successful 2006!