Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Central Park: Juv. Laughing Gull 25-Jul

Juvenile Gulls — Herring (left) & Laughing (right)
Central Park — Reservoir
Images by BEN CACACE
(Click image for a larger view)

The photo was taken on Tuesday, 25-Jul-2006 around 6:50pm at the reservoir. The gulls are both juveniles. The left one is Herring Gull. The right one is Laughing Gull. Both are local breeders around New York City.

The distance to the gulls was around 600 feet based on measurements using Google Earth. The details seen with the 17x doubler through the binoculars (8.5 times 2) exceeds the details in the photos by a hugh margin. The camera's focal length was 420mm (35mm equiv.).

The photo shows the size difference nicely along with the white belly and shape/length of the bill. The scaly appearance of the wings was obvious in the binoculars. This is the first juvenile Laughing Gull I've spotted on the reservoir. Could be I'm trying harder with the gulls this year.