Saturday, March 18, 2006

Digital Camera in Bryant Park


On the 14th of March I was practicing with my digital camera (Lumix FZ-30 w/12x optical zoom) in Bryant Park near the N.Y. Public Library. The park's center lawn is being resodded. An annual event.

While looking for birds to photograph, mainly sparrows and pigeons, I spotted an odd shape walking along the south side of the 'lawn'. After a minute the bird showed itself. Surprise. This was the first time I've seen this bird in Bryant Park.

Below is a photo of the Bryant Park 'lawn' followed by two images of the American Woodcock seen there.

Click on photos for an 800 pixel wide image.

Details for Bryant Park photo:
F/2.8 @ 1/1000 second (focal length 35mm)

Details for American Woodcock photo (above):
F/3.7 @ 1/40 second (focal length 420mm)

Details for American Woodcock photo (above):
F/3.7 @ 1/30 second (focal length 420mm)

• Click here to see a cropped section from the original 8 mega-pixel image. The backfield of the bird is in motion so only the head & bill is in focus.

• Click on image of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 for a review of the camera on 'Digital Professional Review'.


~Z~ said...

Hi Ben,

Nice images. I like photographing birds as well.

Ben C. said...


Thanks. This was a set of test shots on a bird not often seen in this park - adjacent to the famous N.Y.P.L.

Click here for a photo of Bryant Park and the back of the library. Labels shows what's what.

I've added a link to an uncompressed image, cropped from the original 8 mega-pixel original. This shows the back of the bird is in motion (typical Woodcock behavior) and that the head is pretty much still. You can see a reflection of the wall and me standing above it in the bird's eye.

All the best.


Rob J. said...

Hey Ben,

I guess it's woodcock season. I spotted 2 days ago in Prospect Park. What a great find in the middle of the city.



Ben C. said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I read on your blog that you had spotted two Woodcocks in Prospect. Nice to see that many got to see the Prospect Park Black-headed Gull.

I took the shots of the Woodcock around 'high noon' and have come to realize this is not the best time of day to take photos. Too much Sun! But it's the only time I have during the week.

Before taking the shots I was hoping for a good look at a Song or a White-throated Sparrow to practice on!

All the best.