Saturday, December 31, 2005

Asteroids Seen Through Year-end 2005


So far a total of 6 asteroids have been spotted, confirmed and documented in emails sent to various mailing lists or with observing notes.

The latest found is the bright asteroid 4 Vesta.

Details and links for Vesta have been added to this post.

Click on hyperlinks in bulleted list to jump to the reports:

63 Ausonia: m10.1, 16-Sep-2003, TeleVue-76
  • 63 Ausonia: follow-up observation — 29-Sep-2003
29 Amphitrite: m9.3, 30-Oct-2003, TeleVue-76
6 Hebe: m8.9, 24-Jan-2004, TeleVue-76
1 Ceres: m7.5, 8-Apr-2005, Fujinon 10x70's
3 Juno: m7.6, 18-Dec-2005, Fujinon 10x70's
4 Vesta: m6.5, 30-Dec-2005, Fujinon 10x70's • 2 Pallas: no writeup for Pallas exists