Thursday, October 06, 2005

Image Formats: AW Persei

Could you do me a favor and view the images on the screen & print them out and let me know what you think? Click on 'Click for more ... ' below. The original's are the color images. The black & white's are processed to convert color to white on black and then I create a negative.


[image: b&w] SALC 53 'Dbl Peaked Triangle' w/AW Per

Font = Trebuchet MS regular 9pt
Star size: 7/1
Display Magnitude: 0
Mark double stars with horizontal line: off
Filetype/size = Bitmap reduced to 2 colors (1 bit)/36K
Processed = Adj > Threshold (1) Adj. > Negative Image


Tag said...

Hi Ben,

I didn't print the images off, but I did look at them using Mac OSX - Tiger and the Safari web browser. They all appear fine.
When I get the PC, I'll check out the IE6 experience and print from there.
One tihing that I have noticed/experienced is that Safari lacks the image re-size control that IE6 provides, i.e. a control appears in the lower right corner of the image on mouse rollover. I don't know yet if your pics do this, but it may be something to keep in mind for your Mac/Safari visitors.

If Safari has this capability, I need to discover this.


Ben C. said...

Peter: Thanks for the feedback. I just printed out the b&w .jpg and the both .bmps and the bitmap preserves more information in the star images (less pixelating). On the .jpg, upsilon Aug (the apex of the False Kids) didn't make it through the process. It is a red star. So far the .bmps for both color and b&w seem OK. Let me know what you think when you print these out. Thanks!

Tag said...

I printed all them out.

1. SALC 53 'Dbl Peaked Triangle' w/AW Per
Pixel w x h = 598x390
-- printed fine with stars retaining color.

2. SALC 53 'Dbl Peaked Triangle' w/AW Per [b&w] -- Least liked, preferred #4 over this.

3. SALC 53 'Dbl Peaked Triangle' w/AW Per
Filetype/size = Bitmap reduced to 16 colors
-- Printed on both b/w & color printer, both printed as equally well as jpeg. In fact rho Aur, printed better on bmp. False Kids, concentrations around and nearby theta-, and rho-/lambda appear equally well.

4. SALC 53 'Dbl Peaked Triangle' w/AW Per [b&w]
Filetype/size = Bitmap reduced to 16 colors
Preferred this most, personal taste for black on white as printed chart. Comments from #3 apply here as well.

Is the WDS catalog active, in other words, the app is displaying double symbols. Quite a few stars apears to have saturnesque wings on them.


Ben C. said...

Peter: thanks for details on what the printouts look like. I don't have a color printer anywhere. Laser at home/office. I agree that #4 (bitmap with black stars on white) looks the best and prints out with the best detail and includes the apex of the 'false kids'. The Saturnesque lines indeed are from the double star catalog. I agree, these should be turned off if possible. I am looking to increase the dot size for all the stars to see how this works. I will keep the 2 bitmaps (color and b&w) and lose the jpgs. Thanks again!